Friday, January 30, 2015

Weather Map Goes Crazy Live On Air

Close... steel will melt at 2400F but does not boil until 5400F.

Americans Ordered 9 Billion Burgers in 2014

Despite several reasons to assume otherwise, American hamburgers and the associated, jacked-up price of beef patties had a terrific 2014. According to new market research from NPD Group, restaurants sold 9 billion burgers last year, or 30 million more than 2013.

This happened despite the price of beef catapulting to record highs in the last 12 months, and a general slowdown of traffic through hamburger-centric fast-food chains compared to their industry peers. [Continue]
Haven't had a hamburger in 2015 yet... maybe I'll keep count this year.

UNREAL PARIS 1.1 - Virtual Tour - Unreal Engine

They should remake Myst with this!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Miniature Real Food

Is that set actually designed to make real food?  I'm so confused!

Taste Preference

Flaking a bite onto his fork, John McQuaid took in the sight of the whole rockfish before him, its eyeballs, fins and tail visible beneath a chili-dotted red curry sauce.

“This is an example of something I would never have eaten as a child,” he said, noting the way the Thai lunch at Soi 38 stared back at him from a fish-shaped plate. “I just thought it was disgusting.”

His 13-year-old daughter, Hannah, would certainly agree. She prefers “mostly white foods,” choosing pasta and cheese over just about anything else (although she did recently allow a green condiment, pesto, to be added to the list). Her brother Matthew, 15, is picky in his own way, but on the other end of the spectrum: He loves piquant and spicy foods like Sichuan shrimp, and he even joined his father in tasting the world’s hottest pepper. But he won’t eat fast food or hamburgers, leaving a family-on-the-go with few options.

How did his children’s tastes come to be in such vehement opposition? Did the two inherit different genes? Were they exposed to different foods in the womb?

Why and how do our palates evolve, anyway?
I wouldn't consider eating only a certain colour of food a 'taste' preference.