Thursday, November 26, 2015

North Korean Interiors Look Exactly Like a Wes Anderson Film Set

When most of us think of North Korea, we picture grey cement buildings looming against a cold, unforgiving sky. Not bright rooms cheerfully decorated with candy-colored walls and furniture. Yet, when London-based architecture critic Oliver Wainwright toured the country, he was stunned by the painstaking symmetry and pastel interiors of several buildings.

The sites along his very monitored tour ranged from offices to magnificent theaters, each meticulously arranged in Soviet-era design or as Wainwright observed, “a Wes Anderson film set.” [Continue]
Or perhaps all of Wes Anderson's film actually take place in North Korea!

Joey Bautista Merry Flippin Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Joey Bautista Merry Flippin Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

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That is the opposite of an ugly Christmas sweatshirt.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Oreo Churros

Snacking will never be the same.

Stop everything and go to your local grocery store because Oreo Churros are a reality in this, our one precious life. Yes, the brilliant innovators at Oreo have gone above and beyond this time, foregoing a simple flavor hack for, say pumpkin spice Oreos or caramel apple Oreos, in favor of a whole new product that matches the texture of a cake-y fritter with the black and white profile of an Oreo. [Continue]
They should have been named Churreos!

Fore-edge Painting

Wish they made these for modern books!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Black Friday or Boxing Day? Where Canadians can get the best deals

About 1.2 million Canadians will book off sick from work to shop on Black Friday, but a new study suggests they’ll get slightly better deals if they can wait until Boxing Day.

Colliers International, in a first of its kind look at the so-called deals on these major retail holidays, studied 44 products on flyers for nine national Canadian chain retailers in 2014 and compared prices between the two big shopping days.

The company found better prices on Boxing Day for 36 per cent of the products, while Black Friday offered a steeper discount for only 16 per cent of products.

“Black Friday sale prices, on both sides of the border, are often touted as the lowest prices of year,” Colliers says in its report, released Monday. “For Canadians, however, the lowest prices of the year have been traditionally found at Boxing Day or Boxing Week sales immediately following Christmas.” [Continue]
The Black Friday deals are looking fairly bleak this year... I don't have high hopes for Boxing Day either if last year's sales are any indication.