Friday, April 24, 2015

Washing The Car

Someone was murdered in her car right?

Limited Edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Spectacular 7 bars

For those who've always wished for one of Willy Wonka's Golden Tickets, this Cadbury giveaway might be the next best thing.

The UK candy retailer will surprise lucky chocolate lovers with 50 limited edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Spectacular 7 bars, designed in collaboration with food artist Prudence Staite.

What's so spectacular about them? Each bar is packed with seven different fillings from classic Cadbury bars: Oreo, Caramel, Whole Nut, Fruit & Nut, Turkish Delight, Daim bar and the original Dairy Milk. [Continue]
The Oreo filling sounds amazing.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Oreo Trick Shots

Eeeew milk on the carpet!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

No Handed Climbing With Johnny Dawes

There was a route at my climbing gym last year where the first two moves were step ups with no hand holds and it was tough... can't imagine using no hands for an entire climb.

Brazil Removes 50 Tons Of Dead Fish From Olympic Waters

Tons of dead fish have been removed from a Rio de Janeiro lagoon where Olympic events are to be held in 2016, sparking debate among officials and scientists over what caused the mass die-off, as well as fears that the water may be unsafe for athletes.

Eco-boats commissioned to clean the lagoon have already collected more than 50 tons of dead twait shad, a small silvery fish, NPR reported from Brazil on Tuesday, and were still collecting more.

The die-off took place in Rio’s Guanabara Bay, where Olympic sailing and rowing events are slated to be held in August of next year. Some athletes who plan to compete in the water events have voiced health and safety concerns over the waters. [Continue]
It'll be like the video game Halo where you die the second you touch water.